Sustainable living - That Sounds Better

Sustainable living - That Sounds Better

There has never been a better saying than 'You are the product of your own environment'.

It's well known fact that our surroundings can have a positive impact our health, both physically and mentally, which is why it is important to protect our environment.  

So how are Ecophon helping the environment?  
They're always looking at ways to help our little green planet with every effort going into the early stages of concept design through to production, from the materials used down to how products are transported. 

We're extremely proud that Ecophon leads the industry in using responsible raw materials - and we let it be known wherever we can!

All products are enrolled in the Indoor Air Comfort certification programme at the Eurofins Product Testing laboratory. They not only certify that our products meet the toughest emission requirements, but regularly inspect our factories to make sure the same standard is being met batch after batch. 

Both Solo and Akusto panels are manufactured to the size, meaning there's zero waste.  
They are also free from any chemical nasties, including formaldehyde, helping you to maintain healthy indoor air. 

Made from a unique Glass Wool fabric, each panel is produced with up to 70% recycled glass from households, rejected glass bottles and offcuts from our internal production. Glass wool is an incredibly light material, with our biggest panel weighing only 4.5KG, making the panels easy to install yourself. 

Isn't that a weight off your shoulders?  
Fancy a change of shape or colour but not sure what to do with your existing panels? No need to panic – our panels are fully recyclable!  

Beautiful on the inside and out. 

As well as producing environmentally friendly products, we also believe in helping the local community to become more sustainable. 

Each year Ecophon dedicate time to offsetting our carbon footprint and aiding the local community, whether that’s planting trees or donating panels to local spaces, we believe in practising what we preach!


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