Sustainable living - That Sounds Better

Sustainable living - That Sounds Better

There has never been a better saying than 'You are the product of your own environment'.

It's a fact that our surroundings can either help or hinder our health, both physically and mentally, and overtime can have some devastating and sometime irreversible effects. But what are we doing for our environment?

With every effort that goes into the early stages of concept through to production we are looking at ways which we can help our little green planet from the materials we use down to how we transport them.

We're extremely proud that our brand leads the industry in using responsible raw materials - and we let it be known wherever we can!

Each panel is produced with more than 70% recycled glass from households, rejected glass bottles and scraps from our internal production.

Glass wool is an incredibly light material, with our biggest panel weighing only 4.5KG. Not only does this mean that it's easy to install as a DIY'er, but it takes 17% less fuel to move compared to wet felt panels.

Isn't that a weight off your shoulders? 

Both our Solo and Akusto panels are put together using plant-based binder and is all manufactured to the sizes available, so there's zero waste. Our products are free from any added formaldehyde, helping you to maintain healthy indoor air.

As the trends and seasons change sometimes we want to update our spaces. Fancy a change of shape or colour but not sure what to do with your existing panels?

No worries - they are 100% fully recyclable! 

Beautiful on the inside and out


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