Our sustainability journey

When it comes to sustainability, we like that you hold us responsible for doing the right thing. We feel that we owe you full transparency of our products’ environmental impact, what efforts we’re making to reduce it and where we haven’t quite hit our ambitious goals (yet).

We’ve come a long way and lead the industry in many areas both for the outdoor and the indoor environment. So when you buy an Ecophon acoustic raft or wall panel, you know that we have done our best to minimise it's environmental impact, and that our information is transparent and clearly presented. 

When considering the environmental sustainability of the materials you are using in your room, we would suggest reviewing the following :

  • The raw material choice
  • The production process
  • The effect on indoor air quality
  • The certification of the products used      

All of the above is discussed in detail on our sustainability website. Please feel free to follow our journey, and email us if you have any questions.