Ecophon acoustic panels for Educational spaces Ecophon acoustic panels for Educational spaces

Are excess noise levels affecting your educational spaces?

Educational spaces are often a buzz of noise so how do you keep this noise from becoming a distraction to other students? Installing Ecophon acoustic panels is an easy way to absorb background noise and reduce echo, helping to make the important sounds clearer in spaces that are vital to learning and development. If you want to read more about the effects of noise disruption in education, then click here to read our blog.

Although some classrooms may have more soft furnishings than others, such as carpets or soft play areas, this will not fully absorb noise or reduce reverberation time. Primary and Secondary classrooms can often have up to 30 children in a class, this can result in a hub of unwanted chatter which can prove to be a major issue in a short space of time. This is a particular issue when it comes to the education of students with special needs, for example autism, can create a strain on a child's learning and engagement within a classroom causing them to be distracted easily, have over-attention to detail, anxiety, and observable behaviours. Improving classroom acoustics to reduce excess noise is an important element in creating a happier learning space, alongside other sensory integration techniques which facilitate attention and awareness.

The government standard referred to as BB93 outlines the reverberation times that should be achieved for refurbished and new build education spaces. Schools that cater to the teaching of children with learning difficulties require reverberation times to match that of SEN units’.
Poor acoustics do not only impact students but teachers as well, battling a to be heard over gossip for six hours a day can result in heightened stress levels, and a variety of other health implications.

Installing Solo acoustic rafts to the ceiling is a quick, easy and cost effective way to absorb unwanted noise in classrooms, allowing teachers to be heard and reduce strain to their voices. This also gives every student the opportunity to engage in group work without being distracted by their peers. For larger, open plan learning spaces Solo™ acoustic panels can be installed directly to the ceilings using our Connect™ Absorber and Bracket. This will help keep disruption to a minimum without impacting the collaborative process that comes from group working.

Sustainable materials used

Glass wool core made with up to 70% recycled glass

Fire safety approved

All products are tested to fire standard EN 13501-1 and classed A2-s1,d0.

Air quality

Certified by the Indoor Climate Labelling, recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.

When it comes to further education spaces, university lecture theatres are large to accommodate the number of students in attendance. If you have ever stepped foot in a lecture theatre then you will know that they are often void of soft furnishings, with rows of chairs and desks, and a stage meters away from the back of the room, which often forces lecturers to use microphones to ensure they are being heard.

This type of space is also perfect for the installation of Solo™ panels, however, as the spaces are larger they will require a greater volume of acoustic material, although the panels will not reduce the need for a microphone they will ensure that the reverberation and echo caused by a microphone is absorbed making the sound cleaner and clearer from front to back. To further reduce the reverberation time Akusto™ One wall panels can be installed, this will help to absorb any remaining noise that has not been captured by the Solo™ ceiling panels.

Unlike primary or secondary education, it is thought that university students are less likely to come into contact with the panels, (less pushing and shoving in corridors, and stationary taking flight during lesson time) therefore Akusto™ One panels can be installed to walls to accurately reduce echo and absorb noise levels in smaller rooms or dedicated study areas.
All Ecophon acoustic panels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing you to creating a dynamic design, whilst offering high quality acoustic solutions.

If you wish to install Akusto™ One wall panels in primary and secondary education, we would advise against using the Connect™ One Hook instead using the Connect™ One Trim to install your panel. We would also recommend placing the panels high up and out of reach.

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Take inspiration from this project using Ecophon Solo™ Circles

Case study supplied by Ecophon's project with Newcastle University’s new Learning and Teaching Centre using Solo™ Circle products.

“The Ecophon Solo™ circular panels were chosen for both their acoustic effect and aesthetic finish in an open area that doesn’t call for a suspended ceiling. We have worked with Ecophon products many, many times and their panels are extremely easy to install, with all working documents provided online. The Solo™ Panels were instrumental in achieving both a visual and acoustic excellence to this stunning auditorium.” - Steve Jones, Managing Director of Interceil Limited


How many panels would we need for a small classroom?

This depends on the size of the space and the furnishings you have as hard surfaces such as glass, concrete and wood make sound bounce around the space. Click here to read our blog post to help you decide.

Can we have panels in a specific colour to match our decor?

Yes, we offer a variety of colours in both our Akusto™ and Solo™ ranges.

Do you offer an installation service?

We do not offer an installation service, our panels are designed to be easy and quick install yourself. Need help installing then have a look at our handy guides.

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Ecophon developed That Sounds Better in 2019 to help bring high quality and affordable acoustic panels to the UK. That Sounds Better have done exactly this by offering a range of noise-reducing products and specialise in wall and ceiling products that help dampen sound in restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses within the UK and Worldwide hospitality industry.

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