Create a calming space and improve your video and teleconferencing experience

Have you ever been on a video call and could hear the terrible echoes coming from the room of the person talking? Have you ever been annoyed by sound bouncing around the room while you were trying to listen and speak on a conference call? All of this and more has to do with the shape of your room and the stuff that is in it… the walls, the floor, the curtains, the furniture.

Now, you can also be a part of what professional office designers and architects have known for years about controlling sounds in offices; adding a bit of Swedish elegance to your home office at the same time! With quick delivery and easy to install products, a number of benefits can be had straight away.

The best home office environments support conference and video calls, aid creativity and help us maintain concentration.

The right sound treatment reduces those annoying echoes in the room and make it easier to hear and be heard on conference and video calls.

Good quality sound absorbing materials help soak up noises, like a sponge, both inside and outside of the home office.  This makes for a calmer, less distracting space.

That Sounds Better panels in Home Office - Thyme
That Sounds Better panels in Home Office - Pepper
That Sounds Better panels in Home Office - Acai
That Sounds Better panels in Home Office - Pepper circle
That Sounds Better panels in Home Office - Ginger

Akusto™ One Square

Akusto™ One Square is ideal if you want to be able to fit acoustic panels yourself. Simply use the template and fittings provided to fix them in your chosen location, whether it’s in a pattern or near the source of noise.

These small 600mm x 600mm panels are perfect for compact spaces, or for when you want a discreet acoustic solution. Choose a neutral tone to blend in with the background, or select a stronger colour for a vibrant look and feel.

Akusto™ One Square acoustic panels are made using sustainable materials. To reduce their impact on the environment, they combine up to 70% recycled glass with a plant-based binding agent.

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Akusto™ One Circle

Akusto™ One Circle wall panels are lightweight and come with all the necessary fittings, meaning you don’t need to hire an installer.

These round acoustic panels might be easy to install, but they’re tough on noise. Whether it’s office murmur, clattering plates or something else, noise can create stress and make the important things harder to hear. The dense glass wool in our acoustic panels means they’re great at absorbing unwelcome sounds.

Akusto™ One Circle panels give you both function and form. With our range of colours, you can choose whether to let your panels blend in or stand out. This makes them ideal for any space.

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