Background noise in restaurants, cafés and bars can often be so loud it is impossible to hold a conversation and is even enough to put you off your dinner. Hard surfaces such as concrete and glass bounce sound around rooms so it cannot ‘escape’ from the space. As this builds up, we have to talk even louder to be heard by people we may only be sitting opposite, this kind of environment can also be stressful and difficult for staff.

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Educational spaces are often a buzz of noise so how do you keep this noise from becoming a distraction to other students? Installing Ecophon acoustic panels is an easy way to absorb background noise and reduce echo, helping to make the important sounds clearer in spaces that are vital to learning and development.

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On average it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to recover from a distraction when working on a concentrated task, which means if you're distracted from a task four times a day you'll lose an hour's worth of focused work. In a noisy open plan space, with phones ringing and loud chatter between team members, this can easily happen.

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