How many acoustic panels do I need?

Do you have a problem with excess noise and echo in your office, restaurant or community space? Don't worry we're here to solve it.

If you haven't already, take a look at our blogs to decide which acoustic solution is right for your space, you may find that a combination of wall and ceiling panels will achieve the best results, especially in a large space.

Next comes the all important question, how many acoustic panels do I need? This depends on a number of factors, for example, how many doors or windows are in the space, does it have hard wood floors or carpets, and even what the walls are made of.
To make your life easier our experts have created this tool using CAD (Computer Aided Design) Six spaces have gone through vigorous testing to demonstrate how many panels should be fitted to achieve the best acoustic results.

Ecophon acoustic panels are designed to help reduce reverberation time and echo, see the graphs below for the impact Ecophon panels have on reverberation times.

  • Dimensions Length 18m, Width 8m, Height 2m.
  • Installing 28x Solo™ Circle 1200mm and 18x Akusto™ One 600mm wall panels achieves a reverberation time of 0.7RT.
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