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Akusto™ One Square 600mm

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Install them yourself

Akusto™ One Square is ideal if you want to be able to fit acoustic panels yourself. With all fittings included and clear guidance on hand, installation is quick and easy.

The Connect™ One Hook fixing is included with each panel, or upgrade to the Connect™ One Trim and Anchor system for even more precision. Follow our guides and videos for a fuss-free installation.

Akusto™ One Square acoustic wall panels help you stop unwanted noise in its tracks.

Silence unwanted sound

Dense glass wool makes these acoustic panels excellent at absorbing sound. They reduce echo and background noise, helping to make the important sounds much clearer.

See the detailed acoustic data here.

Enhance your décor

These small 600mm x 600mm panels are perfect for compact spaces, or for when you want a discreet acoustic solution. Choose a neutral tone to blend in with the background, or select a stronger colour for a vibrant look and feel. See our full colour and panel range for inspiration here.

You can even choose a range of colours, or mix and match wall panels of different shapes and sizes. With no minimum order, the choice is yours.

Help the environment

Akusto™ One Square acoustic panels are made using sustainable materials. To reduce their impact on the environment, they combine up to 70% recycled glass with a plant-based binding agent.

The added benefit is that the panels don’t contain additional formaldehyde, helping you to enjoy the best air quality possible.

Fire Safety

The glass wool core of the tiles is tested and classified as non-combustible according to EN ISO 1182.