How To Install: Acoustic Wall Panels

Akusto One panels are simple to install, so once the box has arrived you'll be up and running in no time. The guides below show how to get this done. Please note that as we don't know the type of wall that you are fixing into screws are not included. However, everything else that you need is in the box.

Quick tip - if you are putting Akusto One panels in your room to resolve echo - it's better to put the panels on two adjoining walls, rather than opposite, to make the most of the absorption.

Installing Akusto One Square and Rectangle

Below is a simple animation that shows how easy this fitting process is.



Or download our installation guide here.


Installing Akusto One Circles

The process is very similar for the circles, but we do like making animations, so we did one for that, too.



For more information, download our Akusto One Circle installation guide here

Installing Solo™ Baffle

See the below video on how easy it is to install Solo Baffle Wall, and with anchors already inserted into the product we've done the hard part for you!

For more information, download our Solo™ Baffle installation guide here