Why Choose That Sounds Better?

Restaurant Noise Control

If you’re looking for noisy restaurant solutions, Solo is perfect. These small circle acoustic rafts are easy to install and do not require a specialist. They’re great at absorbing unwanted sounds thanks to their glass wool core, so you’ll no longer need to worry about noise complaints.


With their round shape and smooth surface, these small white panels offer a modern but discreet look that works in any space. Using the suspension kit provided, the panels appear to float beneath the ceiling. This is a great way to add dimension to high ceilings. The panels are finished with a white Akutex FT painted surface, improving sound absorption and making them easier to clean.

Neat & Discreet

The suspension kit provided means the panels float beneath the ceiling, creating an attractive modern look in any space. At the same time, their colour helps them to blend into the décor of most ceilings. The panels are finished with a white Akutex FT painted surface. This improves sound absorption, while also making them easier to clean.

Solo Circle - For the ceiling

At only 2kg, our small Solo™ Circle panels are very easy to install. Simply use the template and fittings provided to fix them in your chosen location, whether it’s in a pattern or near the source of noise.

Read our installation guide and the product information you receive to make sure your surface and fixing method can safely hold the weight of each panel. Solo™ Circle acoustic ceiling panels are a hassle-free alternative to traditional suspended ceilings

Our small round 800mm panel has been a favourite with architects and designers for almost a decade, featuring in offices and restaurants across Europe. These Solo™ panels are small but mighty, using a dense glass wool core to absorb unwanted noise and echo.

Solo Square - For the ceiling

Solo™ Square acoustic ceiling panels are lightweight and simple to install using the template and fittings provided. This lets you place them in your chosen location quickly and easily, whether you’re creating a specific pattern or installing them near the source of noise.

Our installation guide, along with the information included with the product, will help you make sure your surface and fixing method can safely hold the weight of each panel. The Solo™ Square acoustic ceiling panel has been the go-to option for better room acoustics for more than a decade.

These acoustic panels are suspended from the ceiling to absorb noise that travels upwards. This makes them ideal for rooms with high ceilings, or where ceilings are closer than walls to sources of noise.

Acoustic for restaurants

If you search review sites you’ll find countless complaints regarding how noisy restaurants are.

Get customer’s talking and silence unwanted sound in your restaurant with our dense glass wool acoustic panels. Their core makes them excellent at absorbing sound, reducing echo and background noise. Helping to make the communication with your staff and customer’s much clearer.


Made using recycled glass and plant-based materials, Solo™ panels are environmentally sustainable. They’re also free from added formaldehyde, helping you maintain healthy indoor air.

Fire Safety

The glass wool core of the tiles is tested and classified as non-combustible according to EN ISO 1182.