Personalise Your Panels

With this new feature you will not only be able to reduce unwanted noise and increase speech clarity, but also customise the panels to match the aesthetics of your environment. Whether it be a: home or workplace office, restaurant, bar or leisure centre, the opportunities are endless with the Akusto™ range.

Personalise my panels

How To Create Custom Panels

That Sounds Better offer a quick, cost-effective solution to any business owner looking to integrate branded sound absorption panelling on any level – whether it’s throughout their premises or in selected areas. Simply follow this link to our design platform with PMT Digital. Choose which product you would like, upload your graphic, and your panel will be printed and ready for delivery.

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Custom-Made Acoustic Panels For You

The design possibilities are endless, and every Akusto™ panel can be personalised to suit your taste or brand. They are also easy to install, making them a popular choice for refurbishments, renovations or adding colour or style. Together with PMT Digital we’ll ensure your design is brought to life.

Acoustic Panelling That Meets Your Needs

There are numerous scenarios where a quiet space within a commercial premise is either expected, or an added extra. Certain businesses require wall-to-wall sound absorption, or dedicated, internal quiet areas for their clientele:

Home offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Hairdressers, Cafes, Recording studios, Practice spaces, Dance/acting studios

With thousands of different panels available online to suit a variety of commercial needs, the main problems are almost exclusively visual.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find panelling that fits perfectly with your brand in terms of colour, shape and graphical content. When you go to market for a solution, there is a very slim chance that you’ll get a good match right away. In all likelihood, you’re going to need to waste an enormous amount of time shopping around to achieve the perfect aesthetic which compliments your existing interior.

Industry Experts

That Sounds Better are experts in high performance sound absorption panelling – from design to supply and installation. Let us help you create comforting, visually pleasing internal spaces with our custom-printed sound absorption panels. We specialise in bringing your design ideas to life on our industry-leading Akusto™ panels:

Akusto™ One Square 600mm

Akusto™ One 1200 x 600mm

Akusto™ One Circle 800mm

What our customers have to say...

“That Sounds Better have totally transformed our branches with their panelling. They guided us on the hanging positions to ensure we utilise the optimum wall space for acoustics, and the print finish is always to a high quality. We asked them to create pieces of art, and that’s what they did. Our staff and customers love the end product. We couldn’t be happier.”

- Design Manager, RBS Group