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Offices can often be stressful spaces, but do you ever feel yourself becoming increasingly stressed by excess noise?

On average it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to recover from a distraction when working on a concentrated task, which means if you're distracted from a task four times a day you'll lose an hour's worth of focused work. In a noisy open plan space, with phones ringing and loud chatter between team members, this can easily happen.

A 'Noise and Wellbeing at Work' survey conducted by Remark Group with over 1,000 UK respondents, showed acoustic conditions in the workplace were a leading source of dissatisfaction when compared to other elements as office layout, furnishing, thermal comfort, air quality, lighting and general cleanliness.

Almost half of UK office workers stated that noise has a negative impact on their workplace wellbeing, with 58% of UK office workers saying that noise has a high impact on their stress levels in the workplace.
This means over half of UK office workers are at a high risk of developing a mental health problem like depression or anxiety, due to noise in the workplace"

Sustainable materials used

Glass wool core made with up to 70% recycled glass

Fire safety approved

All products are tested to fire standard EN 13501-1 and classed A2-s1,d0.

Large range of colours available

A variety of colours to choose from in both ceiling and wall panels

This type of noise pollution is easily solved by installing Solo™ rafts over seating areas, helping absorb excess noise and reduce reverberation times. Combining Solo™ Panels with Akusto™ One wall panels will only increase the volume of sound absorbing material, and further lesson the decibels. However, as most offices are open plan we understand free wall space close to desks can be difficult to find.
If this is the case for your office, then using just Solo™ solutions will have the same benefit, but you may need to increase the amount of panels installed.

As most offices furniture and décor is made up of hard surfaces, such as glass and wood, (and often void of personality) adding acoustic solutions will not only reduce reverberation time and absorb excess noise but also relieve stress and increase productivity, plus Ecophon panels are available in a range of colours to inspire creativity.

Here at That Sounds Better we have also teamed up with PMT Digital to offer personalisation service, just upload your chosen image and we'll do the rest for you, whether it's a relaxing seaspace to remind you of luxury holidays, an inspiring quote to motivate staff, or the company logo, the posibilities are endless!

You can also be a part of what professional office designers and architects have known about for years; controlling sounds in offices and adding a bit of Swedish elegance to your home office at the same time! Although the size of the room will be significantly smaller, both of the Akusto™ and Solo™ acoustic panels are suitable for home office use, say goodbye to annoying echoes in the room and make it easier to hear and be heard on conference and video calls.

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Don’t just take our word for it, see our testimonials from other business owners.

“The Solo Square from That Sounds Better has worked wonders for our media room. Sound quality is really important for this room, as it’s where we host webinars, online training, demos, podcasts, phone calls, etc. The room was previously very echoey, but the Solo Square has dampened the sound significantly, resulting in much better sound quality.”- Jae Jackson-Loveridge, Director at Fixed Fee Placements

"The order process was very easy, the team were very helpful and always on hand to answer any questions we had. The boards were really easy to install and not only do they look great they have stopped the echo in our office." -Paul Booroff, Business Development Manager at COREP


Can we have panels in a specific colour to match our decor?

Yes, we offer a variety of colours in both our Akusto™ and Solo™ ranges.

Do we have to install wall and ceiling panels to make a reduce noise levels?

You do not have to install both acoustic solutions in order to make an impact on noise levels and reverberation time. However, if you have a large open plan space, we would suggest a mix of ceiling and wall panels where possible.

Do you offer an installation service?

We do not offer an installation service, our panels are designed to be easy and quick install yourself. Need help installing click here to read our handy guides.

About That Sounds Better

That Sounds Better is supported by Saint-Gobain Ecophon, a world leader in acoustic solutions, soundproofing and sound absorption. Ecophon is part of the world’s 100 top industrial groups and supports over 30 countries worldwide to help improve sound quality. They share a passion for room acoustics, an integral component of any great work or social space, with the belief that everyone deserves a good acoustic environment.

Ecophon developed That Sounds Better in 2019 to help bring high quality and affordable acoustic panels to the UK. That Sounds Better have done exactly this by offering a range of noise-reducing products and specialise in wall and ceiling products that help dampen sound in restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses within the UK and Worldwide hospitality industry.

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