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Megan's Restaurant

"We chose the Solo Square 1200mm for our Clapham restaurant and have found that they made a huge difference reducing echo which has benefited both customers and staff."- Amy Harris, Head of Marketing at Megan's Restaurant

New Coast Kitchen

"We are really happy with the Solo Squares that we installed in our restaurant. They have made a big impact reducing the echo in our small space plus we've had positive feedback from customers now the noise is under more control."

Fixed Fee Placements

“The Solo Square from That Sounds Better has worked wonders for our media room. Sound quality is really important for this room, as it’s where we host webinars, online training, demos, podcasts, phone calls, etc. The room was previously very echoey, but the Solo Square has dampened the sound significantly, resulting in much better sound quality.” – Jae Jackson-Loveridge, Director at Fixed Fee Placements

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