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Cherry Tree Centre

"Mid Sussex Voluntary Action have recently taken over running the Cherry Tree Centre in Burgess Hill as a centre for the community and have launched a Community café on two mornings a week. The café aims to reduce loneliness and offers a safe space where local people can come and share time together over a cup of tea and biscuit. Unfortunately, the café has a very high ceiling and little soft furnishings making its very echoey, making it particularly difficult for elderly residents or those who have hearing loss. We fitted the panels two months ago and the difference it makes was immediate and dramatic. The echoing has reduced significantly making it much easier to have conversations in the space - Nicola Brewerton, Community Development Co-ordinator

Fearless Adventures

"We chose the Solo Circle 1200mm acoustic panels for our boardroom as we were experiencing issues with acoustics in the office. They have really helped in eliminating echo in the room, to the point in which we ordered more to be placed throughout the office. The panels have really improved our sound quality and helped especially during video calls. The panels are super easy to fit and the personal service from That Sounds Better was exceptional. The sleek design of the panels allows our office to remain stylish and modern!” - Alexandra James, Executive Assistant at Fearless Adventures

Megan's Restaurant

"We chose the Solo Square 1200mm for our Clapham restaurant and have found that they made a huge difference reducing echo which has benefited both customers and staff." - Amy Harris, Head of Marketing at Megan's Restaurant

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club

"From the time of order right through to delivery we received helpful and accurate information and advice, the panels arrived in a timely manner which meant they could be installed for our first big function of the year. The event went extremely well our most senior/deaf guests could, for the first time, hear what was going on. The feedback we have had has been universally favourable, not only for the impact on the acoustics of the room but how well the panels complement our décor. Overall we would 100% recommend That Sounds Better to anyone who has a similar issue with noise.” - Keith Hancock, Member of the House Managment Committee

New Coast Kitchen

"We are really happy with the Solo Squares that we installed in our restaurant. They have made a big impact reducing the echo in our small space plus we've had positive feedback from customers now the noise is more under control." - New Coast Kitchen, Croyde Bay, Devon


"The order process was very easy, the team were very helpful and always on hold to answer any questions we had. The panels were really easy to install and not only do they look great they have stopped the echo in our office." - Paul Booroff, Business Development Manager at COREP

Helperby Village Hall

"The panels were very easy to install using the guides and videos available, we were very impressed with the installation kit, both in ease of use and quality. Installing the two varieties of panels this has allowed us to improve the reverberation time by around 27% with an average of 0.8 RT, which is a good improvement. It is clear there has been a significant improvement and anticipate the users of the room will benefit greatly." - Steve Laux, Helperby Village Hall Trustee

CD Creates Studio

""The Akusto One Square 600mm panels have worked wonders in our podcast studio, they have reduced echo and reverberation time considerably allowing us to record podcasts with impeccable sound clarity. The panels were extremely easy to fit, with additional fittings available for us to purchase in order to achieve our desired result, the sleek and stylish design really complements the space. We are so pleased with the results we would 100% recommend." - Casey Dale Heyburn, Director of CD Creates Studio

Fixed Fee Placements

""The Solo Square from That Sounds Better has worked wonders for our media room. Sound quality is really important for this room, as it's where we host webinars, online training, demos, podcasts, phone calls, etc. The room was previously very echoey, but the Solo Square has dampened the sound significantly, resulting in much better sound quality." - Jae Jackson, Director at Fixed Fee Placements

Church Stretton Masonic Hall

"We chose the Solo Square 1200mm acoustic panels for our dining room as they fitted closely to our low ceilings. They have made a significant difference in reducing the echo in the room. The benefit has been noticed by all our members and particularly amongst those who use hearing aids. They were easy to fit due to the accurate templates and instructions provided.” - Phillip Abram, Secretary, Hall Management Committee

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