Village hall noise control Village hall noise control

Spaces like village halls, golf clubs and other sporting venues with club houses often use their facilities for a broad range of events; presentation evenings, private parties, dinner dances and many more. One key factor that is often not thought about is the acoustics of the room.

For a multi-functional space, it is imperative to have a solid foundation of a good acoustic environment, this will enable your patrons to enjoy the events in equal measure.

Sustainable materials used

Glass wool core made with up to 70% recycled glass

Fire safety approved

All products are tested to fire standard EN 13501-1 and classed A2-s1,d0.

One Point Fixing

The One-point fixing allows for installation on beams with only one point of contact.

Installing Solo Ceiling panels are a perfect way of lowering reverberation times without disrupting the look and feel of the environment. These can be placed over high volume areas, such as the bar or formal seating areas.

If you have a room with a moveable partition for certain events it is important to make sure that sound does not transfer between the rooms when seperated. The best way to do that is to treat the two rooms as separate spaces. Evenly distribute the acoustic sound absorbing panels in the rooms will allow them to work effectively when the full room is opened up.

With different fixing methods available you don't need to worry about vaulted ceilings, or changes of ceiling heights. our Adjustable Wire fixing can drop to 1500mm, and can hang the panels on angel. While our Absorber Bracket and Anchor fixing ensures a direct and tight fitting, both of these fixing methods can also be secured on an angle, perfect for sloping ceilings. Our third option for Solo panels is the One-point fixing, this option is great for spaces that have beams that you wish to fix to. Instead of having to fix to the ceiling from each of the four corners you guessed it, it will fix to the ceiling in one central point. Please note One-point fixing cannot be hung on an angle.

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Be inspired by some of our customers who have already added Acoustic sound absorbing panels to their multi-functional spaces.

"From the time of order right through to delivery we received helpful and accurate information and advice, the panels arrived in a timely manner which meant they could be installed for our first big function of the year. The event went extremely well our most senior/deaf guests could, for the first time, hear what was going on. The feedback we have had has been universally favourable, not only for the impact on the acoustics of the room but how well the panels complement our décor. Overall we would 100% recommend That Sounds Better to anyone who has a similar issue with noise.” - Keith Hancock, Member of the House Managment Committee

"The Club House of St Augustine's Golf Club has always been noisy when full with members and guests. It was decided the best solution was to install sound reducing panels suspended from the ceiling which we purchased from That Sounds Better. There were some initial doubts about the effect they may have on the lighting and whether they would be effective enough, we are pleased to say they have reduced the echo significantly and look modern without impact on light in the room." – Brian Manton, Committee Member


Can we have panels in a specific colour to match our decor?

Yes, we offer a variety of colours in both our Akusto™ and Solo™ ranges.

Do we have to install wall and ceiling panels to make a reduce noise levels?

You do not have to install both acoustic solutions in order to make an impact on noise levels and reverberation time. However, if you have a large open plan space, we would suggest a mix of ceiling and wall panels where possible.

Do you offer an installation service?

We do not offer an installation service, our panels are designed to be easy and quick install yourself. Need help installing click here to read our handy guides.

About That Sounds Better

That Sounds Better is supported by Saint-Gobain Ecophon, a world leader in acoustic solutions, soundproofing and sound absorption. Ecophon is part of the world’s 100 top industrial groups and supports over 30 countries worldwide to help improve sound quality. They share a passion for room acoustics, an integral component of any great work or social space, with the belief that everyone deserves a good acoustic environment.

Ecophon developed That Sounds Better in 2019 to help bring high quality and affordable acoustic panels to the UK. That Sounds Better have done exactly this by offering a range of noise-reducing products and specialise in wall and ceiling products that help dampen sound in restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses within the UK and Worldwide hospitality industry.

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