Installing Akusto™ One wall panels

Installing Akusto™ One wall panels
The Akusto™ One products are our easiest to install, you don’t have to be a DIY hero, if you can hang a picture then you can fit an Akusto™ One panel. Trust us, it’s that easy!

There are two fittings available for the Akusto™ One range, don’t worry we’ll talk you through how to fit both. The standard fitting system is the Connect™ One Hook which comes at no extra cost, the other option is the Connect™ One Trim which you can upgrade to for £9.60.

Either fixing is secure, however if you are adding this range to any space where children or vulnerable people are using we would suggest going for the Connect™ One Trim, this has smoother edges less likely to cause injury if handled incorrectly.

Quick tip: If you are putting Akusto™ One panels in your room to resolve echo - it's better to put the panels on adjoining walls, rather than opposite, to make the most of the absorption.

Our top tip for installing any acoustic solution is, always use the gloves provided, the tiles are made from a glass-wool core which can be sharp, you may also damage or dirty the panel if you handle with bare hands.

Now for the important part, make sure you have all the necessary equipment to hand before you start to install your panel, you will need:

  1. A pencil
  2.  A cross head Screwdriver, with 4mm hexagon tool
  3. Spirit level
  4. Screws, these are not provided in your fittings. -We would advise to get flat head screws, speak to your local hardware store and they will be able to advise you on the correct screws needed for the material you are fixing to, e.g. plasterboard, soffit or concrete.
  5. Wire Cutters

Fitting with the Connect™ One Hook

This may be the easiest way to fit an acoustic wall panel you could think of!

Simply screw the Connect™ One hooks provided on to the wall at the desired height, make sure they are evenly spaced and central to the panel, the hooks should ideally sit 150mm from the top of the product.  Akusto™ One Circles it is advised that you place both hooks in the middle of the product.

Once the hooks are secure, wearing gloves, carefully push the back of the panel on to hook. Using a spirit level to ensure that the panel is level, unless this isn’t the design you are going for!

You’re done, we told you it was easy!!

Fitting with Connect™ One Trim

This technique has a few more steps and does require some precision, but we promise it’s still super quick!

Using your wire cutters, (we told you they’d come in handy) cut the Connect™ One Trim in half, skip this part if you are fitting an Akusto One 1200x300mm or 1200x600mm.

Place the Connect™ One Trim on the back of your panel, 150mm down from the top edge of the panel, (if you are installing an Akusto™ Circle, then measure from 170mm down) using a pencil mark the bottom of the cut out groove, this is where the anchors will be placed.

Once you are confident you’ve done this, using a screwdriver screw the Absorber Anchor into the area marked. Keeping in line with the anchors, push the wall spacers into the panel 40mm from the bottom. These are small button like pins, provided to maintain a consistent gap between the panel and the wall. (Akusto™ One Circles press the spacers into the panel 100mm up from the bottom)

Now it’s time to screw the Connect™ One Trim to the wall, making sure it’s level screw this 170mm from where you want the top of the product to sit.

Wearing Gloves, lift the panel above the trim and slide down until the anchor has engaged into the grove of the Trim.

Just like that you’ve installed your acoustic panel!

To download the full install guide as PDF

Click here for Akusto One Circle installation guide

Click here for Akusto One Square & Rectangle installation guide

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