That Sounds Better - Hello World!

That Sounds Better - Hello World!

Welcome to the Acoustic Couch, take a seat, let's talk. 

It may seem a touch immodest to blog about the launch of your own website, but we're very excited about being able to bring some of the best performing acoustic rafts and wall panels direct to our consumers, so we thought we should explain who we are, and why this site was created. 

Saint-Gobain Ecophon are a major designer and manufacturer of acoustic ceilings and wall panels. We operate globally, with our roots in Swedish design and culture, and have been supplying projects in the UK and Ireland for over thirty years. We believe that a good sound environment, one that matches the feeling of calm we feel in nature, is vital for successful living, learning, working and healing. And we believe that acoustics are just as important in the home, a restaurant, or an office meeting room, as they are in a large school or hospital.

Which is why we launched this website. Simply order, in the colours and sizes you prefer, and fit them yourself (or get someone else to) and your room will immediately sound better. We've specified and supplied these materials to hundreds of projects, and we know they will make a difference to the sound of any room, for the eyes, the ear and the mind. 

To learn more about Saint-Gobain Ecophon, the company behind this website, just visit our main site here. To learn more about acoustics, you might want to check out our podcast, or feel free to really nerd out on our acoustic science blog, Acoustic Bulletin. If you have any questions, we like to talk, so please get in touch or find us on the usual social channels.  

Thanks for visiting the site, and good luck on your acoustic journey!



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