Reducing noise in an open plan office with the Akusto™ Screen | That Sounds Better

Reducing noise in an open plan office with the Akusto™ Screen | That Sounds Better

Are you struggling with how to reduce noise in your open plan office? 

One of the biggest factors when designing open offices is how to enable collaboration, and community building. At the same time one of the biggest issues in open offices is distractions from colleague’s conversations. Ironically, the very reason for open offices also seems to be its biggest problem.

If you have an open plan space in need of help to reduce noise but don’t have the space for wall panels then Ecophon Akusto Screen is the product one for you.

The Akusto Screen combines two important acoustic qualities to reduce noise, the first being its core which stops sound from traveling through the screen. The second, is that glass-wool absorbers are placed on both sides of the Akusto Screen, therefore instead of being reflected sound back into the space, sound waves that hit the screens are absorbed, which lessens the noise.Akusto Screen sound absorbing core

Because of its highly sound-absorbing surface, the Akusto Screen also reduces reverberation time and noise levels, helping contribute to bettering acoustic comfort in general.

In addition to reducing noise we should also consider the acoustic privacy of the office. In good acoustic conditions workers are able to conduct a conversation at close range without disturbing their colleagues in the surrounding office space.

Acoustic privacy is achieved by decreasing speech circulation through the installation of acoustic materials. If positioned correctly and used in conjunction with sound absorbing ceiling and wall panels, high quality acoustic environments can be achieved.

Where to position your screen

Ideally, acoustic screens should be placed close to workstations. This allows them to both shield the individual worker from incoming noise and absorb sound generated from the workstation. For the best effect one acoustic screen should be installed for every two workstations.

Acoustic screens can also be placed close to other noise sources, such as printers or other office machinery, to lessen their distracting effect through the office environment. The closer to the noise source the Akusto Screen is placed the better.

Finishes available

This 1500x1200mm screen has a robust 40mm thick steel frame encompasses a Texona Fabric finish.

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