Product Data Page Solo Circle

Solo Circle is a free hanging unit, offering high level design possibilities. Three different suspension systems offer opportunities to create several layers and angles. Suitable when the room volume should be maintained or when it's not possible to install a wall-to-wall ceiling.

Size, mm 800x 1200x
Special - -
Thickness 40 40
Inst. Diagr. M411 M410

Solo Circle

Suspension with Connect Adjustable wire hanger and Connect Absorber anchor

Suspension with Connect Adjustable wire hanger and Connect Absorber anchor

Suspension with One-point fixing


The values in the diagram refer to a single unit. If the units are arranged in a cluster with distances between units less than 0,5 meters, the Aeq per unit will be slightly reduced.

Sound Absorption

Test results according to EN ISO 354.

Indoor Air Quality

Certificate / Label Standard Plant
Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort® IAC IAC Gold
French VOC A A+
Finnish M1 - -

Environmental Footprint

Kg CO₂ equiv/m²
Solo Circle 10,35 (Solo Family EPD in conformity with ISO 14025 / EN 15804)
Solo Circle/Plant 5,21 (Solo Circle /Plant EPD in conformity with ISO 14025 / EN 15804)


Minimum post-consumer recycled content 57%
Recyclability Fully recyclable

Fire Safety

Country Standard Class
Europe EN 13501-1 A2-s1,d0

The glass wool core of the tiles is tested and classified as non-combustible according to EN ISO 1182.

Humidity Resistance

Standard Class C, RH 95% and 30°C
Plant Class A, RH 70% and 25°C

According to EN 13964:2014

Visual Appearance

White Frost, nearest NCS colour sample S 0500-N, 85% light reflectance. Gloss < 1.


Daily dusting and vacuum cleaning. Weekly wet wiping.


The tiles are demountable.


Installed according to installation diagrams, installation guides and drawing aid. For information regarding minimum overall depth of system see quantity specification.

System Weight

Approximately 2-4,5 kg.

Mechanical Properties

The tile can take both point loads and distributed loads. See Functional demands, Mechanical properties at

Ecophon ceiling systems are CE marked according to the European harmonized standard EN13964:2014. CE marked construction products are covered by a Declaration of Performance (DOP) which enables customers and users to easily compare performance of products available on the European market.