Product Data Page Akusto Screen

Ecophon Akusto™ Screen has an exposed profile system. The size of the product is 1500 x 1200mm, thickness 40 mm, available in Texona surface. Suitable for open space offices. Combined with a sound absorbing ceiling to achieve excellent acoustic properties in the room

Size, mm 1500x1200
Freestanding .
Thickness 40
inst. Diagr. M526

Akusto floor foot

Akusto floor corner

Akusto screen system

Indoor Air Quality

Certificate / Label
French VOC, A .

Humidity Resistance

Class A, relative humidity 70% and 25°C, according to EN 139642014


Fully recyclable

Visual Appearance

Texona in white has high light reflectance. For more information regarding visual appearance of the various surfaces: See Ecophon Colours and surfaces.


Installed according to the installation guide that is delivered with the product.

Mechanical Properties

The product is tested according to EN14073-2 and EN1023.

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