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For Ceiling: Solo™

Can I fit lights into Solos?

What are the positions for the fixings?

Can Solo be hung on an angle, or do they need to be flat?

Can I paint the Solo Panel?

Do I need a professional installer to fix my Solo panels?

Are Solo panels fire resistant?

How long is the adjustable wire kit?

For Walls: Akusto™ One

Should I use Connect One Trim or Connect One Hook fixing?

I want to hang my Akusto One on an angle wall rather vertical, what do I need?

If I hang my Akusto One against my wall, will this absorb noise from outside?

How do I get the best acoustic benefits from my Akusto One?

Do I need an installer to fix my Akusto One panels?

Are Akusto One SQ panels fire resistant?


Can I install Akusto One wall panels onto glass?

Do Akusto Ones have to be fitted to the wall or could I install them to the ceiling?

Do you provide the screws with the fixings?


How long is delivery?

Can I choose a specific delivery date?

Can I check stock levels before I order?