Acoustics form a vital aspect of any office space. Whether it is a meeting room, an open-plan office or a large lobby, managing sound effectively helps to create the perfect working environment. Noise can travel and it can be extremely disruptive in some cases, therefore room echo reduction panels can transform any office instantly.

Creating the right ambience and atmosphere is crucial but doing this has to complement the room set up or the aesthetics. There are so many reasons why an office can benefit from office noise reduction however, getting this right will also involve other considerations such as the design of the office and the look.

Sound Reduction Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

You might believe that managing sound reduction involves alterations to the structure of your building. What’s more, you might believe that it involves soundproofing your office by installing noise-cancelling materials and panels but that is not the case.

The truth is, sound-reducing is easier than you might think and you can even carry out the installation yourself. When you have products such as the Akusto One Sound Panels or the Solo Panels, it is possible to create a working environment that works for your office space and workforce. Better still, there is no need to carry out any form of renovation work either. So, in a matter of just a few hours, you could significantly reduce the sound of your office space with minimal effort using sound absorbing wall panels or ceiling panels.

Easy Installation

Whether you have a large office space with a large ceiling void or you have an open office that covers a large space, managing the sound and how it moves around the office is easier than you might realise.

The Akusto One comes in the form of wall panels and this means that they can be fitted directly onto the wall using the supplied fittings. Whether you opt for the hook fixing or the Connect One Trimm and Anchor system, you can install the panels in no time at all.

The Solo panels work much in the same way, as in the installation process takes very little time at all. There are two installation methods available for this sound-reducing panel. It can be suspended from the ceiling, which is a popular choice in offices that have high ceilings. However, they can also be fitted as close as 50mm to the ceiling using the Absorber bracket.

So, from the wall panels to the ceiling panels, the installation is simple, time-saving and will ensure that you can instantly reduce sound with minimal disruption.

Aesthetics that Work With All Office Spaces

What is particularly important for every office is the design and feel. Whether it is ensuring that employees feel comfortable in their working environment or creating an environment that appeals to visitors, creating the perfect look helps to create a professional yet inviting atmosphere.

Fortunately, the Akusto One and the Solo Panels are uniquely designed to fit every office space.

For modern offices or traditional offices that want to create that eclectic look, both panels work perfectly. The Akusto One, with its range of colours can breathe life into any office space while the square, rectangle or round shape will complement a variety of office sizes too.

The Solo acoustic panels for offices are modern and stylish, helping to create a focal point in any rooms, especially those office spaces that have high ceilings and can feel empty. They come in plain white or the square panel can be purchased in a range of colours. All of a sudden, creating a great looking working environment that makes an impact is easier than ever before.

So, whether businesses want their acoustic panels for office space to blend in with the existing design or stand out, both the Akusto One and the Solo panels work perfectly.

What Do They Offer?

You might be looking to reduce the noise of ringing phones or the office chat, soundproofing your office is all part of creating the perfect environment.

So, whether you opt for round, square or rectangle Akusto One panels or the round or square Solo panels, they both deal with noise efficiently and effectively. The sound panels are made from materials that actively help to absorb sounds and provide office noise reduction.

The sound panels come in a variety of sizes too which makes them ideal for large spaces and small spaces. They can be installed in a variety of locations in an office to create a unique appearance while still offering room echo reduction. They look great but are extremely functional, two things that do not often go hand-in-hand.

We now live in a world where looks are everything and design sits at the forefront of the things we do and the decisions we make. Fortunately, the sound panels are easy on the eye and they fit into a variety of designs too. From minimalistic office spaces with high ceilings to traditional office spaces with low ceilings and spaced out walls.

The sound-absorbing wall panels provide a simple solution to an age-old problem in the workplace - excessive noise.

They Are Great for The Environment

For any business that is attempting to do its bit for the environment, the Akusto One and Solo acoustic panels for office space are made from sustainable materials. A perfect blend of recycled glass and a plant-based binding agent ensure that these sound panels are environmentally friendly. What’s more, they are also free of formaldehyde, which means that your workforce can benefit from clean, healthy air.

Instantly Notice the Difference

Once installed, they will make an instant difference. The ambience and the atmosphere of any office space will benefit from the high level of sound absorbency that the panels offer. As a result, the reduction in noise will help to reduce noise-related stress and create an ideal working environment.