Restaurant Noise Control Sound Absorbing Panels for Restaurant

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Background noise in restaurants, cafés and bars can often be so loud it is impossible to hold a conversation and is even enough to put you off your dinner. Hard surfaces such as concrete and glass bounce sound around rooms so it cannot ‘escape’ from the space. As this builds up, we have to talk even louder to be heard by people we may only be sitting opposite, this kind of environment can also be stressful and difficult for staff.

That's where we come in, That Sounds Better offers Ecophon acoustic wall and ceiling panels that are both easy to install and do not require a specialist. These sound-absorbing panels are great at absorbing unwanted noise thanks to their glass wool core, so you’ll no longer need to worry about noise complaints.

Sustainable materials used

Glass wool core made with up to 70% recycled glass

Fire safety approved

All products are tested to fire standard EN 13501-1 and classed A2-s1,d0.

Large range of colours available

A variety of colours to choose from in both ceiling and wall panels

Noise doesn’t create the atmosphere in a restaurant, it's a combination of lighting, service and music, therefore, noise reduction doesn’t mean killing the vibe but absorbing enough of the chatter to appreciate your time there.

Adding appropriate acoustic absorbers to the ceiling, walls or both will absorb excess noise, in turn, increasing your sense of comfort and making the restaurant a more pleasant place to be. Investing in sound absorption panels could be exactly what you need to improve your customer experience. If you want to read more about how acoustic panels will benefit your restaurant click here.

That Sounds Better offer acoustic wall panels in a range of colours and finishes, ensuring you do not need to compromise on style. Whether you want panels to stand out or blend in Ecophon panels work in any space, with a number of ways to hang your panels, from suspended Solo™ panels; a great way to add dimension to high ceilings and open plan spaces, to Akusto One™ wall panels fixed next to larger tables, we guarantee you’ll find a way to improve sound absorption while creating an attractive modern look, with multiple colours to choose from, be free and let your creativity run wild!

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Don’t just take our word for it, see our testimonials from other business owners.

"We chose the Solo Square 1200mm for our Clapham restaurant and have found that they made a huge difference reducing echo which has benefited both customers and staff."- Amy Harris, Head of Marketing at Megan's Restaurant

"We are really happy with the Solo Squares that we installed in our restaurant. They have made a big impact reducing the echo in our small space plus we've had positive feedback from customers now the noise is under more control." -New Coast Kitchen


This depends on the size of your space and the furnishings you have as hard surfaces such as glass, concrete and wood make sound bounce around the space. As a general rule we would suggest between 20-40% of wall space is covered with Akusto™ One on adjacent walls, if you are looking for Solo™ ceiling panels place them above high volume areas, such as tables and bar areas.

Yes, we offer a variety of colours in both our Akusto™ and Solo™ ranges.

Acoustic panels, help reduce reverberation time and absorb excess noise, improving the atmosphere for customers and staff.

About That Sounds Better

That Sounds Better is supported by Saint-Gobain Ecophon, a world leader in acoustic solutions, soundproofing and sound absorption. Ecophon is part of the world’s 100 top industrial groups and supports over 30 countries worldwide to help improve sound quality. They share a passion for room acoustics, an integral component of any great work or social space, with the belief that everyone deserves a good acoustic environment.

Ecophon developed That Sounds Better in 2019 to help bring high quality and affordable acoustic panels to the UK. That Sounds Better have done exactly this by offering a range of noise-reducing products and specialise in wall and ceiling products that help dampen sound in restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses within the UK and Worldwide hospitality industry.

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