Ceiling vs. Wall Solutions

Ceiling & Wall Acoustic Panels

That Sounds Better are experts in high performance sound absorption panelling from design to supply and installation. Let us help you create comforting, visually pleasing internal spaces with our sleek, contemporary sound absorption panels. We specialise in bringing your design ideas to life on our industry-leading wall or ceiling panels.

Our team of experts are on hand to advise you on the best solution for your business right down to the size and shape of each panel. We’ll leave no stone unturned, and we take pride in delivering an exceptional product that meets every single one of your requirements.

Wall Panels

Akusto™ wall panels can either act as a standalone sound dampening solution, or as a complement to existing ceiling panelling. The Akusto™ range is a versatile set of products that are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes, edges and sizes. If design is at the forefront of your requirements, the Akusto™ range has the answers – we’ll even print your own designs onto them, so that you can obtain the perfect aesthetic, wherever you place them.

Wall panels are optimised for:

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Small indoor spaces

Ceiling Panels

Our Solo™ ceiling panels are suspended acoustics rafts that offer a simple, flexible way to improve a room’s acoustics.

Perfect for new builds or existing projects, ceiling panels are best suited to:

Large communal spaces, Conference rooms, Restaurants/cafeterias, Sports halls

Available in a variety of different shapes – including square, rectangular and circular – and in 22 attractive, natural colours, the Solo™ range has everything you need in a suspended acoustic ceiling solution, from painted edges to a variety of different suspension systems.

Each tile has been designed by a team of acoustic engineers to contain the latest in sound dampening technology. Installation is as easy as identifying the space required and suspending the rafts from the ceiling. No additional wiring or ceiling cavity work is needed, and results are instantaneous.

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Acoustic Panelling That Meets Your Needs

There are numerous scenarios where a quiet space within a commercial premise is either expected, or an added extra. Certain businesses require wall-to-wall sound absorption, or dedicated, internal quiet areas for their clientele to go about their business:

Home offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Hairdressers, Cafes, Recording studios, Practice spaces, Dance/acting studios

Depending on the type of business, and the layout of the premises, panelling is installed in two ways – on the wall, or suspended from the ceiling. We’ll consult with you every step of the way on what’s best for your business in terms of how many panels you need, and where they should be placed. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach. The options are endless. Our team are experts in acoustic engineering and noise reduction solutions, so you’re in good hands.

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What our customers have to say...

“That Sounds Better have totally transformed our branches with their panelling. They guided us on the hanging positions to ensure we utilise the optimum wall space for acoustics, and the print finish is always to a high quality. We asked them to create pieces of art, and that’s what they did. Our staff and customers love the end product. We couldn’t be happier.”

- Design Manager, RBS Group