How many acoustic panels do I need?

You've already identified you have a problem with excess noise and reverberation times in your office, restaurant or community space, but are unsure on how many acoustic panels will solve your problem.
Have you read our blog yet? If the answer is no click here. If the answer is yes and you're still none the wiser on how many acoustic panels are needed, then look no further!
To make your life easier we have created this visual tool, six spaces have gone through vicarious testing to demonstrate how many panels should be fitted, Ecophon acoustic panels are designed to help reduce reverberation time and echo, see the graphs below for the impact Ecophon panels have on reverberation times.

We know that graphs and statistics can often be difficult to digest, so we've made it even easier!

Our experts have created CAD (computer aided deign) drawing of the spaces with the panels installed to give you a visual representation of how the panels look when fitted.
We hope that this service will allow you to identify spaces similar in size and functionality to your own and calculate which acoustic solution is best for your space, as well as how many you may need.

  • Dimensions Length 5m, width 5m, height 3m.
  • 10x Akusto One panels 1200x600 to meet customers request of reverb time of 0.5 amount of product reached 0.52.
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