New Solo™ Textile Square

The Same... But Different

Step up your sound absorption game and turn heads with the new Solo Textile acoustic panel.

Our original lightweight Solo Square, which you all know and love for its excellent acoustic qualities, is now available adorned with a luxury knitted light reflectant texture in 7 stunning colours.

Reducing echo in your restaurant, home or office could not be any more simple.

With the Solo Textile only weighing 4.5KG and the choice of 2 easy to fit fuss-free and discreet fixings, installation is quick and easy. With our installation templates provided and 'how to' guides, precision is at your fingertips.

With a maximum drop of 1500mm, the wire fixings allows you to get closer to the source of noise even in areas with high ceilings for optimal excessive sound absorption. The wire kits adjustable feature allows you to create a 'tailor made' display to suit your space and gives your creative mind the freedom to explore all heights.
For rooms with more traditional ceiling heights, and perfect for busy corridors outside meeting rooms, our solo textile can be paired with our direct bracket fixing which offers a close snug fit at 50mm from the soffit. 

With the solo textile the sky (not the ceiling) is the limit.

The Solo Textile is a must have for making a statement with a big impact on well being. Whether it's in your office, restaurant or in your home you can be confident in its performance.