That Sounds Better Case Study

That Sounds Better Case Study

So, you have probably landed here because you've seen one of our adverts and I bet you're thinking, do our acoustic panels really even make a difference? Well, we worked with the Orange Bucket Company recently, so let's see, shall we?

Ok, so that's not entirely real. But it is hard to present acoustic benefits, as obviously you cannot see them. And we wanted to show a film to introduce our products in more depth but also to be able to see and hear the difference of the panels make, beyond the acoustics. And we wanted to have a little fun, too. 

So we started to work on project, researching locations with bad acoustics such as offices, restaurants, even homes which would enable us to create a case study. But our film making friends at Studio Giggle soon realised that their office was in fact was awful for acoustics. And with that, an idea was born...

The Orange Bucket Company. A company that tries to have it all. From profits to sales to tea breaks, and... orange buckets. Well, we say it have it all... actually they have all of the issues we see in offices every day, when bad acoustics prevents their productivity and reduces well-being. As Aaron says, the building materials within this office are not conducive of a productive working environment!

I'm in, take me to the shop immediately!

Wait, you're still not convinced?

So, perhaps you're thinking, they faked all that to show how acoustic panels can make a difference, it's not real. Or you may of watched the film and and thought to yourself, this looks and sounds a lot like my office, right now, and feel a little vulnerable. We understand. So, take a moment to relax and watch our interview with Founder and Director of Studio Giggle, Steve Garratt, to have an insight on his experience with our acoustic solution and hear his take on the difference of the sound within the room after we added Akusto One. We promise, no fun at all in this film, and no tricks, either. 

Ok, now I'll look around the shop

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